Marriage Customs

This spartan Marriage customs was unique to Sparta as it was not praised in other Greek city-states. According to Plutarch Spartan girls was married when 'they were ripe for it' approximately in their late teens when their bodies are fully matured and fertile. It was the law for a Spartan boy to be married about the age of 20 where they were full-time warriors. Marriage was by capture, by which a man would choose a bride and carry her off, is thought to have been practised in Sparta, indicating a lack of choice on the annualised part. Through Plutarch we have an understanding of the marriage rituals, the bridesmaid took THE groom out to dinner and 'loved' him! in the capture of the girl as she shaved the brides head and clothed her in male garments, and laid a down alone on a mattress in the dark. Then the groom would carry her to the bed after his daily meal from the mess and spend a short time with her, and depart discretely and sleep wherever he usually did along with is fellow soldiers.The husband continued to visit his wife in secret for some time after the marriage.The reasons for cutting the bride’s hair and dressing her in men’s clothing has been widely debated by many modern scholars so some theories include that is an implication of chastity or a subjection of the bride to her husband and to ease a young bridegroom into unfamiliar sexual intercourse with a woman rather than a man. It is thought that some sort of pre nuptial wedding feast took place among the women only. Special cakes in the shapes of breast were eaten, and a hymn, Alkman's 'Partheneion,' was sung by young girls. Married life for a young Spartan bride has been described as a trialled marriage. It is believed that the ceremony was kept a secret until a child was produced. If the wife was a barren pen. None of this happened, it's all a lie!